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Is your job a pain in the neck?


Posture is the balance of structural integrity against the force of gravity. Proper postural alignment results in minimal stress on joints and little effort to maintain alignment.

Everyday movements and static posture can greatly impact the position of our muscles and structure. With our electronic world today, constantly looking at computers, looking down at phones, driving in the car for hours a day have significant impact on our posture and often lead to chronic pains.

Pain in the Neck?

One of the biggest postural misalignment in today's world is a forward head position. Often these people complain of headaches, upper neck pain, hard time sleeping, and feeling tense.

For every inch of forward head posture it increases the load on the body by 10lbs. Talk about a headache! No wonder there is so much pain that comes with this postural problem.


Forward heads can be pretty easy to spot, someone's head is in next week but the body is still positioned at last week's lunch meeting.

@southmetroacu we used postural assessment with looking at the static (stance) position of a person against posture grids, along with posture while moving to determine what is misaligned in the body.

We then use acupuncture to relieve the pain, and realign the body to prevent future pains. To further keep the body out of pain corrective exercises are often prescribed to be done daily and correct the days poor positions and movements. After several weeks on a posture correcting program the body can be retrained and pain will be a thing of the past.

If you work a desk job, drive often, have children, do sports etc. you know the pains we are talking about BOOK ONLINE today to get your postural assessment and start working towards a pain free life!

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