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Fall Wellness

Overthinking keeping you awake? In Chinese Medicine the Spleen organ is responsible for pensiveness, and is directly affected by poor diet and over work. Pensiveness in the body knots the energy, making normal functions slow down. Signs that your Spleen is weak are: overthinking, craving sugar, weight gain, feeling heavy, muscle weakness, poor memory, difficulty falling asleep, menses pain or irregularity.

TCM view of the Spleen

In Chinese Medicine the Spleen has a big role in making blood by using the nutrients provided by food. Poor diet with excess sugar, greasy/ fried/fatty foods damages the spleen. Diets lacking in blood rich foods such as red meats and iron also highly impact the spleens ability to nourish the body.

Energy has to come from substance, in Chinese Medicine this substance is Qi and Blood. Qi is the energy that flows through the body, while blood is that substance. Athletes, business owners, and students that are always on the go use up a lot of this Qi and Blood. If not properly replenished with rest breaks, sleep, and a good diet the spleen will suffer.

Nourishing the Spleen At some point in life most of us have taxed the spleen, many individuals tend towards bodies which frequent symptoms arise from a deficient spleen. Diet and sleep are the best way to improve these problems. But not dieting as in calories; there are many foods that directly nourish the spleen and promote Nutritive Qi over other foods. In general foods that are yellow/orange will be nourishing, but here is a list of top food:

Cooking Methods the general rules for healthy digestion and metabolism are to:

- Eat foods cooked (Not raw or cold)

-Steam fruits and veggies

-Prepare Congee (porridge) and stews.

Iced and raw foods are very hard for the body to break down, they use a lot of Qi, which if already depleted the body will not be able to properly break down and take the needed nutrients. Porridges, stews and steamed foods are easy for the body to break down, using less Qi and putting less stress on our earth organs. The moisture from stews and porridges support the organ function and lead to a strong body and healthy metabolism.

Strong and Balance this season try to encourage a strong earth element by eating foods that are cooked over raw, avoiding cold/ iced drinks which take away from the burner that the Earth provides for the body. Allow yourself to get plenty of sleep and rest breaks in your hectic schedule. If symptoms of overthinking, fatigue, poor memory, and menstrual issues arise, give @southmetroacu a call and see how acupuncture and our Chinese Medicine lifestyle can give you the boost you need!

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