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The Perfect Porridge

Traditional Congee

Congee also called Jook is a traditional Chinese porridge that is served for any meal of the day. A traditional congee is made with rice and

water like we commonly prepare oatmeal, and used to treat numerous diseases by adding specific herbs, spices, fruits and foods to the dish.

Eating congee is a great way to deliver medicine because they are warm and full of fluid, making it easy to digest and for the stomach to absorb the nutrients of the formula.

Traditionally in China congees were used to treat all types of disease such as: cold/flus, nausea, phlegmy throat, insomnia etc.

Now days we have turned this traditional medicine into a sugary processed breakfast with quick oats full of sugar, flavorings, and dried fruits.

The Base

In a traditional recipe rice is used with a 1:10 for rice/water ratio. This ratio of 10x the water is the key to a healthy congee! Congee should be cooked in a way so that the rice can slowly be absorbed over time.

You can substitute rice for other grains such as Quinoa, Oatmeal, Buckwheat, Job's tears for a congee. But keep the grain/water ratio around 1:8-10.

Quick and Easy Preparation

  • 1/4 C White Rice

  • 2.5 C of Water

  • Place in a small crockpot overnight on low.

Add: herbs, spices, fruit, nuts to the dish to cook overnight. Some recipes are listed below:

Make It Fit Your Needs

AM Brain Boost- Supplements Qi: Prepare a traditional rice jook add 5 slices of dried ginger, 3 Chinese Dates "Da Zao," cook overnight and top with a handful of walnuts and a pinch of brown sugar.

Stomach Ache- Harmonizes the stomach and warms the body: Prepare a traditional rice jook add 5g of fennel seed, cook overnight and top with a pinch or brown sugar.

Cold Body Jook- Warms the body and ease digestion: Prepare a traditional rice jook add 5 slices of dried ginger, and 1T of Cinnamon. Cook overnight, and top with a pinch of brown sugar.

Sticky Cough- Transforms phlegm, eliminates dampness: Prepare a traditional rice jook add 5g of dried orange peel "chen pi."

For more recipes or to get one tailored for your health needs BOOK ONLINE @southmetroacu and find what patterns are disrupting your health and how food can be used as medicine.

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