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Must Do For Preventing Winter Colds

Fall and Winter time or the dreaded "flu season" brings cold weather along with all the stuffy noses and boxes of tissues. There is one easy trick you can use this season to prevent common colds and flu's.

In Chinese Medicine the immune system is assisted by proper opening and closing of pores. You've heard the old "sweat it out" trick to try and kick the flu. But lets start with preventing it in the first place.

Cold Fall and Winter air traps your pores shut, not allowing for proper sweating out from the skin and trapping in pathogens such as the nasty flu. By WEARING A SCARF you can regulate your body, and allow for the pores to properly open and close as they need to.

It's a very simple tip, but keeping your body warm with a scarf is one of the best ways to prevent disease. Leaving more energy in the body to help break down those holiday cookies instead.

Take control of your health...


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